HL eNovateur Technologies Pvt. Ltd.: Empowering the Telecom Sector with a Portfolio of MVAS Services

Mobile Value Added Services(MVAS)form a crucial part of revenue generation in the Telecom Sector and are now witnessing exponential growth,owing to the increased penetration of smart phones, as well as the paradigm shift from 2G to 4G by the mass population of high speed internet users. Corroborating this is Technavio’s Research analysis which predicts the global Mobile VAS market to grow steadily at a CAGR of 18 percent over the next four years until 2021. However, despite these developments, the segment of the Indian Telecom Industry is still at a nascent stage and is being hindered by challenges with respect to authentication standards, copyright protection, the absence of transparency in revenue sharing arrangements, excessive focus on entertainment-related VAS, and the lack of awareness among individual users. Understanding these diverse challenges and opportunities, Mohali, Punjab headquartered eNovateur steps forward to address them with an expansive suite of Telecom VAS, IT and Enterprise Solutions.

Hanish Jindal, Director Marketing & Sales

Founded in 2014 by Lohit Bindra and Hanish Jindal, eNovateur was established with a vision to carve a niche in the Telecom VAS sector and emerge as a leading customer-centric VAS provider. The founders’ passion to serve India through contributing to its economic growth was the driving force behind eNovateur’s inception. The company, named through the fusion of ‘e’ which stands for electronics, with the French word ‘innovateur’, thus endeavors to bring innovation into the Telecom industry and provide customized solutions for every organization’s distinct needs. “eNovateur, with its extensive technology expertise and hands-on experience, develops customized solutions for every business as we understand that every organization /individual has unique needs,” reveals Hanish Jindal, Director-Marketing & Sales, HL eNovateur Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
With an objective to cater to the complete requirements of the telecom segment, eNovateur provides Mobile VAS services in the domains of SMS, USSD, VOICE/IVR & Data Services as well as Platform management solutions such as Service delivery platforms, SMS/USSD Platforms and Call completion suite. As a combination of interactive and content-based services, these solutions equip their users with a personal direct medium to interact with customers. Furthermore, recognizing that telecom operators with a vast pool of VAS services often face the challenge of managing everything on a single platform, eNovateurs’ Service Delivery Platform (SDP)equips operators with a single platform to manage service information, billing engine, activation /deactivation features, usage analysis etc. The company also believes direct interaction with the client to be the key to successful engagement, and thus employs a team of dedicated account managers to engage with telecom operators. eNovateur also deploys its own team of content professionals to work on creating image and text content in addition to coordinating with its video content partners.

eNovateur, with its extensive technology expertise and hands-on experience, develops Customized solutions for every business as we understand that every organization/individual has unique needs

Having catered to a wide range of telecom services in a period of four years, eNovateur has built a strong global presence in over 20 countries with their global registered offices in Kenya, Uganda, Bangladesh, Rwanda, Sierra Leone and Malawi. Leveraging this position, the company intends to explore the segment of Data VAS and engage in the development of apps for every service. The company has been operating in Africa, Middle East, South East Asia and envisions expanding business in the countries of Europe, US, Australia and New Zealand, in the upcoming future.